RN Salary: Factors Deciding The Salary

Nurses are required in every medical facility and there is shortage of Registered Nurses. So, a registered nurse can make a decent earning. If we talk about the RN salary, it depends on many factors. Registered Nurse salary is different at different stages of the career. If we talk about the median salary of the Nurse, according to the U.S Labor Department, it’s around $ 66,640 annually. It’s an average median salary, the actual salaries can vary depending on other factors.

Here are some factors, which decide the salary of a registered nurse.


Like other fields, education is the main factor which decides the salary of a RN. If a nurse has BSN degree, he can get better salary and there are more chances of his promotion. Moreover, area is specialty is also very important. If you have special education to handle acute care or you can handle surgical patients, you will get batter salary.


The salary of a new RN will be less, but an experienced RN can get more salary.  With the passage of time, nurses learn to handle complicated situations and that leads to increase in salary.

Working facility

Working facility also a decisive factor, in terms of salary. Nurses work in government sector, surgical hospitals and general health care facilities. Their salaries are different in different medical facilities, depending on the nature of job.


When it comes to RN salary, they are different in different states of United states. The average per hour salary of RN is around $28. California and Huawei are considered the highest paid states, where the average salary of RN nurse is around $40 while government agencies and educational institutions pay their RN a good salary.

These are just the few factors, which affect the RN salary, but it depends on the personal experience and education, the most.